Research Methodology Assignment : Dummy Plan

Research Methodology Assignment : Dummy Plan


A Dummy Plan by:- Aditya S. Biswas
No: 2009003
Submitted to:- Prof. Prasanna Salvi

Situation Analysis
Belief was launched in 1987 as an independent Market research fieldwork agency specializing in conducting high quality fieldwork for consumer, institutional, & rural research on a nation wide scale. It wanted to test whether it was employing the technique of using surveys correctly. It was wanted to find out ways in making this tool more effective in getting accurate responses. Research done by it was used by several firms, which were involved in various fields. It felt its sharpening of its tools can be beneficial to its clients as well as give it an edge over its competition. Hence it decided to conduct research on the technique of surveys.
Problem Title

To validate/test the relevance of surveys and factors influencing its effectiveness.

Management Question

To ascertain whether current method or research technique of survey is appropriate as well as to validate it use.

Research Question

Which is the most important factor influencing authenticity of survey answers. Is it the best mode of gauging consumer public opinion.

Points that will be considered

People’s general perception towards a survey?
How can survey be more effective?
Are Survey being framed right?
What would be an ideal survey?

Research design

To verify the problem statement, a small questionnaire should be given to people in areas where surveys are conducted on a frequent basis. This place would be selected on the basis of one, which is used maximum number of time in taking surveys so as to have a good chance in getting the required sample. A small questionnaire should be given to the sample.


Since the improvement of marketing research techniques would be beneficial to all organizations seeking to accurately know people’s opinion, a sample would be randomly chosen from the samples used by...

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