Research Methods Cctv

Research Methods Cctv

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The Use/Misuse of CCTV in Workplace Considering Legal, Moral and Ethical Issues


In recent years closed-circuit television (CCTV) has proven to be an effective surveillance system and means of detection in a wide range of environments. The use of monitored CCTV can also be a very effective system of monitoring an area and managing its security. Most importantly, CCTV can support in enhancing staff or public safety and provide an effective, rapid, real time method for tracking any unusual case or event across any given site.
Despite of increased usage of CCTV as surveillance systems, there is still little understanding of how well it essentially works for the many functions for which it is deployed. It must be a clear objective and purpose of the use of surveillance systems inside organisations and businesses’ offices and how these systems have been using.
This proposal focuses on suitable research methods that can be used in determining the code of practice that organisations are handling CCTV systems.
This research aims to find out whether CCTV cameras are being used or misused in an open office environment; considering the legal, moral and ethical issues involved.

CCTV monitoring in the workplace has become popular in almost all kinds of business. Most companies have similarly employed CCTV systems to monitor the activities of employees, visitors, vendors, and contractors.
In most instances, the employees being monitored are aware that such activity is occurring. However, in order to monitor ethically, companies should require that the employees receive clear notice that their activities are being monitored. The policy should be easily understood and should define the types of monitoring which will occur. In some companies employees should be required to sign a form which states that they have read and understand the policy.
“The company needs to clearly define steps related to what parties can review the monitoring data...

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