Research on Simple Schizophrenia

Research on Simple Schizophrenia

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Research Paper
Simple Schizophrenia

Could anyone imagine developing a disease that would force them to be-

come mentally debilitated? An illness described by the American Heritage Dictionary as a group of psychotic reactions, characterized by withdrawal from reality with highly variable affective behavioral and intellectual disturbances, the definition of Schizophrenia is far from incisive. In this paper I will introduce the extreme complexities of this mental disease and will broaden the readerʼs understanding of what it is and how it should be perceived (REWRITE THIS PART!! >:l ) Schizophrenia affects people in different ways. No one can describe someone with schizophrenia and say that every person with this disease will experience it exactly the same way or have precisely the same symptoms. Consider two different examples of developing schizophrenia symptoms shown in E. Fuller Torreyʼs narrative in his Surviving Schizophrenia: A manual for families, patients, and providers: “Leah was a senior in college when she first started hearing voices. It was just before final exams, and she had spent a lot of time studying that week. One evening, Leah thought she must have fallen asleep over her books when she suddenly felt as if she had been awakened by a voice telling her that her boyfriend was waiting for her at the mall and she was supposed to meet him there. Leah had never made any such arrangements with her boyfriend, but at the time, she didnʼt feel quite sure of that. So she

did what the voice said to do and went to the mall . . . but her boyfriend was no where to be found. At the time, Leah brushed it off [the voice], thinking that maybe she dreamt it. Unfortunately, that wasnʼt the last time she heard that voice-or a number of other voices. . . Now Leah began seeing fairies, but these were not like the others [pretext refers to a childhood infatuation with fairies]. Sheʼd catch the outline of a fairy form as it flew away or see part of a wing as a fairy...

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