Research Paper (Divide by Two) Summary

Research Paper (Divide by Two) Summary

Title: Divide by Two
Author: Francisco Arcellana
Although several characters are mentioned in this story, the true focus lies upon Montresor, the diabolical narrator of this tale of horror, who pledges revenge upon Fortunato for an insult. When the two meet during the carnival season, there is a warm greeting with excessive shaking of hands which Montresor attributes to the fact that Fortunato had been drinking. Montresor also appears to be "happy" to see Fortunato since he is planning to murder him. Fortunato's clown or jester's costume appears to be appropriate not only for the carnival season but also for the fact that Montresor intends to make a "fool" out of him.
The story begins around dusk, one evening during the carnival season (similar to the Mardi Gras festival in New Orleans) in an unnamed European city. The location quickly changes from the lighthearted activites associated with such a festival to the damp, dark catacombs under Montressor's palazzo which helps to establish the sinister atmosphere of the story.
• Internal Response

The couple had a small fight. Belle thinks that the neighbor’s wife does not like her because of the neighbor’s husband being friendly to her, but Belle’s husband points out that no wife would be happy if other people, especially Belle who is married, get so close to their husband.

• Conflict

Belle noticed and told her husband that the division of their lawn was not equal and the neighbors halve is larger than theirs. Belle persuaded her husband to write a letter to the neighbors since they do not know them well enough, to inform them of being not so neighborly. Belle’s husband then pulls out his portable typewriter to write the letter and send it to their neighbors.

• Complication

There really isn’t much complication. After a few carefully dropped hints from Montresor (think “Amontillado” and “Luchesi”), Fortunato insists on following Montresor down into the underground...

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