Research Paper on Daryl Van Wouw

Research Paper on Daryl Van Wouw

Dutch Fashion Icon



Could his clothing line be a hit in Japan?

Names: Wid Al-Tamimi and Christof Deveze
Lecturer: Brian Downey
Course: Asian Business & Culture
Minor: Doing Business in a Global Environment
Assignment: Research Paper
Date: 20 January 2009


This report has been written for the course Asian Management Studies, of the fourth year of IBMS, under the supervision of Mr Downey.
The two authors of this report are Wid Al Tamimi and Christophe Deveze; both fourth year students of IBMS at INHolland Diemen.
This report is the result of an assignment called “Research Paper” on the sector of the economy in an Asian country. We have chosen for the fashion sector. A Dutch fashion designer has commissioned us to do a research into the possibilities and opportunities for him to launch his designs in the East, with a focus on Japan.

This paper includes our findings on this subject, including our recommendation. We also include background on our client for future cooperation with clients from Japan.

Table of content

Preface 2
Executive summary 4
In this report you will find information regarding our client Daryl van Wouw and potential markets for his clothing line. Daryl van Wouw is a young upcoming fashion designer that has been successful in the Netherlands. His designs usually have urban themes and he is always inspired by the urban music. His trademark is actually a music headset. 4
Introduction 5
At the end of this, we summarize our report and give our recommendations for our client Mr. Van Wouw. In the appendix you will find our research proposal for this report.Daryl van Wouw 5
Daryl van Wouw 6
Daryl’s fashion style 7
Daryl in China/Japan 7
Figures on the Japanese and Chinese market 8
China 8
Japan 8
Japan and fashion 9
Japanese street fashion 10
Harajuku Style 10
Visual Kei 10
Gothic Lolita 11
Kawaii & Decora 12
Ganguro & Kogal 13
Cosplay 14...

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