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Research Paper

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Brain Mobile Project

Project Overview:
You will create a 3 dimensional mobile of the brain that can be hung from the ceiling. The Right side of your brain mobile will include the midbrain and hindbrain. The Left side of your brain mobile will include all lobes, cortexes, and specialty areas.

Dual Requirements:
Correct placement of the structure will be drawn in on the brain mobile
Each drawn structure will be color coded on an attached piece of paper
Each structure will have a corresponding picture that illustrates the function of the structure.

The Process:
1. Pair up and have a friend trace your head. Cut out your profile and use it as a template to design the overall shape of your brain.
2. Select Materials that you will use to construct the hanging mobile and to illustrate placement. These materials can be purchased rather inexpensively at Walmart or can be a recycled T-shirt, scrap fabric from around the house etc.
3. Draw, cut out, or computer generate correct placement of each required structure and place on brain.
4. Devise color coding key system to label structures and place on hanging attachment
5. Draw, Cut out of magazine or computer generate pictures that illustrate the function of the structure. Place next to color coded label on hanging attachment.
6. Securely fasten attachment page to brain and be sure that name is visible
7. Provide a way to hang mobile (string, paperclip,etc)

Required Structures:
Left Side Right Side
frontal lobe thalamus
temporal lobe pons
parietal lobe reticular formation
occipital lobe medulla
motor cortex cerebellum
sensory cortex hippocampus
Broca’s Area hypothalamus
Wernicke’s Area amygdale

Points on the Brain Mobile Project will be recorded in the “test” portion of the grade.
This is NOT a partner project. Your work must be original.
Failure to complete this project by the due date will be detrimental to your grade.
To be...

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