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Research Paper

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Is Acting Morally Necessary for Happiness?


The research within this paper defines and introduces the question of whether or not one must be morale in order to be happy. The research will seek to understand why one may feel happier or perhaps unhappier when one is being moral. The paper will first seek to define morality and understand its different standards in regards to goals, norms, beliefs and values; leading to the fact that there are different impacts caused by morality. The research will then define happiness and show why after one takes the necessary steps to ensure appropriate morality happiness may occur more often. The research will then conclude that after one takes into considerations the proper definitions, standards, and impacts of morality and implements this reasoning into one’s living standards that happiness will ultimately be a common result.

When considering the idea that happiness is somehow linked to morality one must decide if morality and happiness are actually two aspects of living that are required for both to remain effective. The real question then that must be asked is must a person be moral in order to obtain true happiness? If one is to effectively be able to answer this question then the actual definition of morality and also the definition of happiness must be analyzed in order to display what factors are actually at stake when considering the idea of happiness and morality all together.
To define what it takes for one to actually be a moral person requires several aspects of definition to be analyzed. The fact that there are several different standards in all regards when considering the actual idea of what morality truly is. These examples can be seen when considering what one’s goals or beliefs truly are or perhaps what that one person values. When considering these factors one can see that there may be individual standards that are made and developed within...

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