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research paper

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The Creation of Creators began when it started to get rain and look muggy and cloudy. The rain world grew hundreds of blooming flowers that sprouted out different ages of males and females. From babies to adults it went from an unknown world to a place for human creatures.
From, an unknown place in the sky buildings, cars, money, and houses begin to fall into place. Adults begin to walk to places as if they were living there before. In addition, male goddesses begin to walk to the middle of the world and place his spot on his cathedra. Men and women begin to go to their homes and live their lives until money was stolen from the precious goddess.
An alarm then set of to where bars begin to lock down the world to where no one can exist until the money was given back. Money was the main primary resource in this world the goddess would punish the whole town if no one would turn themselves in.
Rovers Begin flying around to find those who would steal from the precious goddess. People in the town all wanted to protect their families no matter the precautions they had to go through, people where being killed. People begin using their electronics to find a way to escape from this horrible town making the precious goddess really upset. The goddess begins to get furious and killed every one with an electronic phone.

The world today has an African American president, laws pertaining to racism and segregation, and equal education rights. Slaves before came from a not having an identity life. Coming from a line of white presidents, No laws pertaining to racism and segregation, and no equal education to today’s world has had a dramatic turn. Willie Lynch's theories, practices and philosophies in the document “The Making of the Slave" doesn’t have an effect on today’s black community.

Earlier in the years we had no equal rights as African Americans to even run for any executive position.
In today’s world the president is...

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