research paper

research paper

Directions for the Research Project
Scenario: You are the marketing director for a Buzzy’s Boats, a recreational boat manufacturing company. The company manufactures boats of various sizes to all of the major target markets (high end, middle ranged, and low end). You have been tasked to research possible locations for a new recreational boat manufacturing plant, specifically Ireland and Sweden.

Step one: Research the two nations. One possible source is to find the country’s fact book at

Step two: Answer the questions

The country profile of Ireland
1. Briefly provide an overview of the economic status of the citizens of Ireland
According to OECD economics survey of Ireland 2015 the economic status of Ireland was stable from the year 1995-2007. GDP growth averaged 6% in 1995-2007. Unfortunately there was a great downfall of their economic status in the year 2008 with GDP falling by over 3% in 2008, nearly 8% in 2009, and 1% in 2010. Ireland achieved moderate growth in 2011 and cut the budget deficit to 10.1% of GDP, Decided approach endeavors have helped certainty and supported the hearty, expansive based recuperation now in progress in Ireland. Unemployment is falling consistently, the monetary allowance shortage is declining, open obligation has topped and keeps on falling and global believability has been fortified. These auspicious circumstances are the chance to determine the legacies of the emergency, including remaining unemployment and managing an account framework shortcomings. There is additionally an opportunity to do basic changes to guarantee the recuperation is supported. Land costs,
2. Briefly describe the infrastructure of Ireland
Ireland has one of the most advanced and competitive telecommunications infrastructures in Europe. The telecommunications market is fully de-regulated and numerous companies have entered the market....

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