Research Plan

Research Plan

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A Research Plan

Research Plan
Amanda Perkins
Judy Manning

Part I – Research Problem

Think about something in psychology that you would be interesting in studying. You can select a topic from what you’ll be studying in this course or another topic that seems intriguing to you.

Respond to the following in 50 to 75 words:
Identify your research problem and describe it. What about this topic interests you?
How might an individual’s handwriting determine their personality? Graphology is the study of handwriting. It is said that writing consists of movement, spacing, and form. A handwriting expert studies the three various forms and can obtain a psychological understanding from them. (What is Graphology? n.d.). I am interested in this topic because I do not have the best handwriting and I would like to know where my personality stands because of it.

Part II – The Scientific Method

Consider the scientific method and complete the following table explaining each step of the scientific method in your own words. Please use complete sentences to write 25 to 50 words describing each step.

Formulate a testable hypothesis
This is the first step of the scientific method. A hypothesis is an educated guess and can be tested with two variables. To formulate a hypothesis, a researcher makes a statement that can be tested and makes observations.
Select the research method and design the study
In this step, a researcher selects whether he or she wants to do a survey or a case study. The researcher also decides how data will be collected in this step.
Collect the data
When a researcher collects data from the study or experiment, the researcher can view the results from the experiment and decide if variables need to be changed.

Analyze the data and draw conclusions
This is the last step to the scientific method. In this step, the researcher looks at the findings and...

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