Research Project proposal

Research Project proposal

Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia

Understand the theories and concepts of strategic alliance; explore the potential impact of Qantas and Emirates strategic alliance on the aspects of customer value and brand image. Try to solve the problem of conforming customer satisfaction and reduce the brand and reputation risk of strategic alliance with foreign company.

Use the theoretical framework such as SWOT analysis, Porter’s five forces analysis, and branding theory to find the connection between strategic alliances and the changing customer value, also, find the impact on communication effectiveness (brand image).

SOWT analysis:
SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) is a framework for identifying the internal and external factors that can have an impact on the project or company operation and successful (Peng, 2014).

Porter’s five forces analysis:
This analysis (includes analysis of threat of substitutes, rivalry among competitors, threat of entrants, bargaining power of buyers and bargaining power of suppliers ) is a framework to analyse the level of competition within an industry and business strategy development (Peng, 2014). 

Competitive advantages:
The competitive advantages include the market-based view and the resource-based view. In the long run, a company will be successful if it is able to deliver higher customer value than its competitors. This performance can either result from brining a product onto the market more cost-efficiently or from differentiating the product through a unique bundle of benefits for which the customer is willing to pay a price premium (Mooradian et al., 2014).
Dimensions of corporate image: (Keller, 2003)
Common Product Attributes, Benefits, or Attitudes
People and Relationships
Customer Orientation
Values and Programs
Concern with the Environment
Social Responsibility
Corporate Credibility...

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