Research Worksheet

Research Worksheet

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Research Worksheet

IT3006 06-18--2008

Purpose: The purpose of the worksheet is to guide the steps for efficient Capella Library and Internet searches to find resources relevant to your project topic. This worksheet will help lead you through the research process. Part A is for Unit 3. Part B is for Unit 4. Your work with this Research Strategies Worksheet will assure that you have a solid, strong drafted paper for Unit 5.

Prerequisite: Complete the unit 3 studies. Refer to your completed u02d2 while completing this research worksheet.

Instructions: Use the supporting tutorial “How to Approach Your Research” at the same time you are completing this worksheet. Examples are provided to guide your compositions.

Part A

Step One: Problem Statement and Keywords

Begin with your problem statement from u02d2.

Remotely Connecting to an individual is convenient for trouble shooting for someone that might not be computer literate, However; we should learn more ways to prevent receiving virus.  Remotely connecting to a computer virus not only be harmful both parties involved, it also hurt the reputation of the individual and/or company that uses it. We should learn more about it before using it

Using your problem statement to guide your research, identify descriptive keywords to use for your search.


Remote Connection

Trouble Shooting



Step Two: Library Search

Review the Unit 3 studies before completing Step Two.

Library Source #1

Which database did you use:

ABI/INFORM Global (ProQuest)

Your keywords for this search.

Remote Connection

Remotely Connecting

Persistent Link provided in the database.

Information systems security in the Greek public sector

Citation from the library search

1. Bekkers, V. and Zouridis, S. (1999), "Electronic service delivery in public...

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