Research - very useful

this is my report on research in the media industry and why its soooo
The media industry uses different types of research for different reasons which helps companies create new products, the media industry uses a wide variety of research methods such as market research, production research and audience research for example if ITV wanted to create a new show they would first research those areas to help them decide what kind of show they should make. Research can be gathered from many different places by creating surveys or using the internet.
There are many different ways to carry out research the main two that people use is quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative research involves mainly numbers where the researcher records the information gathered in a numerical format to answer questions like “how many people watch eastenders on bbc iplayer compared to how many people watch it on the TV?” whereas qualitative research uses words and meanings to gather the information needed to answer questions like “do people prefer to watch eastenders on bbc iplayer or do they prefer to watch it on the TV?”
Audience research is used by a broadcasting company to find out information about the audience websites such as BARB (Broadcasters audience research board) are useful when looking for demographic information to find out about the target audience. Broadcasting companies such as the BBC want to know things like age, religion, gender and ethnicity this allows them to get a better understanding of their audience by finding this information out shows the broadcasting companies what type of audience watching their programs. Audience research is also used to help broad casting companies understand what the audience would and wouldn’t like to see from the company and its programs.
Market research is used in the media industry to help broadcasting companies...

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