Researching a Strategy Paper - Motivation to Exercise

Researching a Strategy Paper - Motivation to Exercise

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Running head: Researching a Daily

Researching a Daily Problem



Researching a Daily Problem

I have a problem that I’ve been trying to find a solution to for the past year and I think it is time for me to do some research and figure out how I can motivate myself to work out and exercise daily. Throughout this paper you will learn about my problem and why I feel that it is a problem. I will identify what types of information I will be gathering to help me solve my problem and where I will obtain it from. I will describe the process I use to evaluate the information I will be gathering, as well as what things I consider during the evaluation phase. Finally, I will explain how I use the information found to resolve my problem, while taking into consideration the possible solutions. Let the motivation begin!

Problem at Hand

My biggest day-to-day problem is trying to get myself to exercise and work out. I wake up early every morning with the belief that I am going to work out, although I always end up hitting the snooze button for an hour. I get home from work later in the day and cannot even fathom exercising, especially when I get in after 6:30, eat dinner, and start my homework. I have read articles in the past on how exercise is essential to being healthy and as much as I want to be healthy, my motivation is lacking at best when it comes down to it. Even with a busy lifestyle, being healthy should be a priority. It is time to do some researching and train myself to be a motivated exercise machine.

Sources of Motivation

In order to solve my problem I am going to need more than just one source of motivation. I will be gathering information on three topics which should work together to ensure I stay motivated. First, I will be researching motivational quotes about exercise. Next, I will explore what health issues can arise from lack of exercise and what benefits come from working out. Finally, I will be...

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