Respect and Disrespect

Respect and Disrespect

Respect within the Military basically means treat others as you would want to be treated. It is one of the basic army values. What I have learned from Sgt Taylor it is by far one of the most important

values that we have. Its a two way street meaning both of the individuals have to respect one another to get their points across, to understand one another, and also to know that the person you are dealing

with can respect you not only as a soldier but as a person that you are. Respect is one of the NCO's basic responsiblities to make sure that everyone has respect. Even when a person first enters the

army they are taught the meaning of respect within the Military. Sometimes in the Military people often lack respect when they don’t truly understand the meaning of the word. We throw

around the word 'respect' very often But respect is not just one term.

Disrespect can be found in many different forms. One form of disrespect is verbal. For example: there was an incident that occurred on January 8th 2009 with myself SPC Nelson and Sgt.. Burk. The

incident was around 13:30 when i decided to finally put up a blanket to separate my half of the room and my roommate's. Once i started nailing the blanket to the wall Sgt... Burk knocked on my door and

said i hear a banging noise can you please please keep the noise down and i told her I'm almost finished and she said ok. So like i said i was almost finished i banged on the wall maybe lets say 6-7 more

times and i was done but after 10 minutes went by she came back and said what are you doing anyways and I told her that I'm finished putting up my blanket for the separation of the room between my

roomate and my side of the room. The she put her head through the door and said "thats a fire hazard you need to take that down because I went to a fire marshal class and I'm in charge of A and B side

and then she said I will make sure but I am pretty sure about that but I will check in OPS...

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