•You may renew your driver’s license through the Internet unless your license is suspended, revoked, or you hold a Commercial Driver’s license (CDL). Other conditions may also affect your eligibility to renew online.
•YOUR ADDRESS ON FILE WITH DMV MUST BE CORRECT. The United States Postal Service WILL NOT FORWARD•Virginia Code § 46.2-324, requires you to notify DMV within 30 days of moving.
You can review and change your address on the next page if needed.
•If your previous renewal was completed using an alternative renewal method (online, touch-tone telephone or mail), you must renew in person at one of our customer service centers.

Renewing at the Last Minute?

If there are 7 days or fewer remaining on your current driver’s license, be sure to Print the Official Internet Receipt. When carried with your current license, this receipt will extend your current license for a maximum of 30 days or until the receipt of your new license.


Most customers receive their new driver's license materials within five days, but U.S. mail delivery times vary. Please allow at least 15 days to receive your new driver's license before contacting DMV.

What You'll Need

•Driver's license renewal notice or driver's license.

•Payment information, options include:
•Credit card displaying the Discover, MasterCard, VISA or American Express logo
•Debit card displaying the MasterCard or VISA logo
•Bank and check account information to allow DMV to electronically withdraw funds from your checking account.

•Print the Internet Receipt and carry it with you until you receive your new driver’s license.

Your Photograph

If you renew online we will use the photograph that is on your current license. If you want a new photograph on your license, renew at one of our customer service centers instead of using the Internet....

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