Response Writing

Response Writing

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Response Writing After Act I

Andy thought the book of Romeo and Juliet was going to be hard for me to read. However, it has been good and interesting so far. Even though sometimes it is hard to understand the context, it is thrilling to read this well-known book and try to understand his poetic language usages. In this response writing, I want to express my opinion on the language and characters on Act I and make some predictions to the story.

At first, I have found the language really weird and hard to understand since the book was written in more than 500 years ago. Now there are words that we do not use, or have different meanings such as queer. In addition, Shakespeare used many metaphors and they give readers clearer images although some of the metaphors do not create fine images.

Next, I think Romeo does not have a solid mind in ways of love. Before he saw Juliet, he still loved Rosaline and almost got sick because she does not like him back. However, when he looks at Juliet, he says that he never loved anyone until there. I do not think it makes sense that well. About the Nurse, I believe she is like a mother to Juliet. Since Lady Capulet did not have time to take care of her daughter, Juliet, the Nurse has been raising her. I could see that the Nurse has tried really hard to keep Juliet happy and being a good person. In addition, I have found that Tybalt, a nephew to Lady Capulet, is an aggressive person. He is the one who re-started the fight between Montague and Capulet. Besides, he got angry and almost started a fight again when he figured out that Montague people including Romeo are in Capulet’s party.

Act I ends at the end of the party in the Capulet’s house. Already there is a connection of love between Romeo and Juliet. I think they are going to meet again and express feelings that they could not do at the party. Otherwise, they may be crying over the sky because they happened to know that each one belongs to an...

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