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By Natasha Di Fruscia

This response examines the novel The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler and the movie Chinatown directed by Roman Polanski, it discuses the major theme of femme fetale. It also discuses 2 significant ideas such as the minor theme importance of family and symbolism, this response discuses 2 authors techniques for example foreshadowing and setting of mood.

The major theme of femme fetale plays a great role in the novel to The Big Sleep. This is shown with the character Carmen; she is general Sternwood youngest daughter. In the novel Carmen is very flirtatious and also very out of control. Carmen kills with Rusty Regan because he rejected her. This also happens at the end of the novel when Carmen tries to sleep with Detective Marlowe and he rejects her, she tries to kill him. Carmen uses her sexuality to get what she wants and if she doesn’t she turn into a murder. Another example of the theme femme fatale is Carmen’s sister Vivian. She uses her sexuality to get information out a people. For example when she is in the car with Detective Marlowe, she throws herself at him because she’s trying to figure out why her father General Sternwood hired him. As you see the Sternwood daughters use their sexuality to get what they want and that shows the theme femme fetale.

In the movie Chinatown the minor theme importance of family has a great meaning. This is shown when Evelyn is trying to protect her daughter/sister from her father. Detective Gittes decides to help their family flee to Mexico tragically Evelyn dies and the father takes his daughter away. Another example of impotance of family is in the novel The Big Sleep, Vivian Sternwood protects her sister Carmen by keeping her secret. Vivan helps Carmen out by hiding the murder of her husband Rusty Regan.

Another significant idea that is used in the novel is symbolism. The stained glass that appears at the beginning of the...

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