Restructuring Proposal

Restructuring Proposal

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University of Phoenix

HRM 531

May 10, 2009

Restructure Proposal

With my recent promotion to a midlevel management position, there is going to be a lot of change in the upcoming weeks. I recently have been informed that my team will be restructured and there are going to be many new responsibilities for current and new employees. I am going to restructure and implement a few ways we can make this change as easy as possible. I will be choosing my current company which is Enterprise Rent-A-Car. There is always constant change happening at my company and there is always restructuring. With more responsibility also comes more of an opportunity to grow and become noticed. So this change can be good for everyone.
There is going to be a new branch opening soon and I am the midlevel manager for this area. We will have to get a full staff and make sure things are going as planned in a few weeks. We need to have a branch manager, who would lead the office and be in charge of marketing. An assistant manager, four management trainees, and two vehicle service attendants to maintenance our vehicles. All employees need to have four year bachelor degrees. The branch manager and assistant manager have to be an existing branch manager or assistant manager that is employed by the company right now. It is very important to pick dedicated employees when opening a new branch. “Staff is an important asset for any business and it’s important to retain talent for your business to succeed. Your people will help you get through challenging times, and when the market improves; their skills and knowledge will keep your business running” ( Job descriptions for each employee for the branch is as follows; Branch manager, who will lead the branch to make sure everything is done correctly and will also be the motivator and marketing coordinator. We will also need an Assistant manager who will be in charge of duties such as paper work...

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