Resume Excercise

Resume Excercise

Summary of Skills

Led the rebuilding of departments, reorganized work, implemented a performance based culture
Effectively managed a multi-million dollar budget, implemented new systems, and completed system conversions.
Merged acquired business, developed a new, easy to do business model; implemented a culture of accountability and successfully managed to conclusion literally hundreds of projects.
Successfully maintained operational performance. Performance improved each year, operational costs decreased, and customer satisfaction increased.
Exceptional ability to plan for success and the experience to execute.
Highly organized and possess the communication skills required to create an image of success and then obtain employee buy in.
Ability to multi-task, effectively delegate, evaluate outcomes and hold employees accountable.
Approaches to coaching and mentoring employees have been critical success factors.
Analytical and understands process development; very persistent; possesses a strong work ethic.
Developed comprehensive business plans, including budgets, for a multi-business function division.
Led multi-business division during both rapid expansion and during business decline.


College Name, City, State, December, 1994
Master’s of Business Administration

College Name, City, State, August, 1984
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major: Accounting

College Name, City, State, August, 1981.
Bachelor of Business Administration, Major: Marketing

Work Experience

COMPANY NAME, City, State 2000-2009
Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer, 2005-2009
Responsible for all administrative functions for multiple business units ( Claims, Underwriting, Customer Service, Agency Support, Medical Management, PPO Network Management, E Business Support, Product Implementation, New Business Issue, Imaging, Distribution Center, Mailroom, Policyholder Communications and Fulfillment).

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