Resume of Nagaraj A.V

Resume of Nagaraj A.V

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#738, 9TH Cross, 16TH Main
Srinivasanagar 2ND Stage
Bank Colony
Phone: 080-65739630
Mobile: +9198867-32052


Bachelor of Computer Application (B.C.A) from Madurai Kamaraj University


Completed (HDSE) course “Higher Diploma in Software Engineering” MICROSOFT certification at “APTECH”.

Completed course in “.NET” certification from NIIT.


Operating System : Dos, Windows98, NT, 2000
Front End : Visual Basic6.0, VB.Net
Database : MS Access, SQL Server2000, Oracle9i (basics)
Languages : C, C++
Web Application : HTML, DHTML, Frontpage2000, JavaScript, Asp.Net
Packages : Microsoft Office


Working as a Freelance Programmer in VB and Access2000/Sql Server2000.

Project Details

Project Name: Manx Auto Limited
Description: Manx Auto Limited was one of the authorized showroom for Fiat Cars. The project was to computerize the storing of Booking Details, Finance Details, service Details and Catalogue.
The Project involves designing and implementing the customer’s detail and upgrading the database instantly to match the market. It has a catalogue which depicts the technical know how about the car. Project as a Price form where in a customer can check price list of cars. The before said form as two views with it one: depends on the Version selected i.e. Petrol or Diesel and second: depends on the model selected. The project as a Booking form to monitor the booking, a Finance form in case customers opts for a loan, which has a link from Booking form and a Service form to enter service related data such as Oil change, Emission and so on. Project also gives us the provision to update a newly launched car to database at any point in future. To update we have to give Username and Password, which is stored in database. There is also scope for changing the password.
Client: Manx Auto...

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