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Mulki Ali
720 Trethewey Drive
Toronto Ontario M6M 5A5
Cell: (647)981-1024 Email:

Seeking an opportunity at your Company. To use my ability to work in a team environment. To give the best quality service and demonstrate the competence that satisfies the interest of the company.
Highlight of Qualification
Strong Communications
Admirable Attendance Record, Following directions, Leadership, Multitasking Skills, Flexible, Hands-on
Capable of meeting deadlines and mange time, excellent capability to complete task
Showing respect for the ideas and opinions of others, Contributing to the team effort by sharing information, resources, and expertise
Giving attention to detail, Acting in accordance with health and safety practices
Using time effectively and producing work on time, Organizing work priorities when faced with a number of tasks, Devising and following a coherent plan to complete a task
Independently selecting, evaluating, and using appropriate materials, tools, resources, and activities
Using prior knowledge and experience to solve problems and make decisions
An energetic, hardworking, and reliable individual
Strong sales analysis, problem solving and reporting skills
Strong sense of ethics and morals while providing customer service strong customer focus, analysing and problem-solving skills
First Aid Certification, Summer 2013
CPR/AED Certification, Summer 2013

Work Experience

Foucs on Youth Summer Camp
Assisted with set up and clean up of all...

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