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"Dark future ahead of me, that's what they said, I'd be starvin' if I ate all the lies they fed, `cuz I've been redeemed from your anguish and pain, a miracle child I'm floatin' on a cloud. `Cuz the words that come from your mouth you're the first to hear. Speak words of beauty and you will be there. No matter what anybody says what matters most is what you think of yourself." -India.Arie

I didn't have any friends beginning elementary school or finishing elementary school. I never knew why I was just a natural repellant of people, kids in particular. Looking back on those years now I still cannot believe children so young could be so cruel. Kids will be kids, I guess. One of the reasons was the way I looked. I had short crispy hair that would stay wherever the wind blew it. I was not as childish as some of my peers, I always saw the big picture and never followed the hype.

The other students never knew when enough was enough. I was teased for my size all the time. During recess one year, I was trying to read one of my favorite books (Yolanda's Genius) and there were three boys harassing me and just calling me names. They said I was bigger than a hippo and they threw snowballs at me. One of them threw a snowball with some ice in it. I went to tell the teacher and say something. The boy who had started it all said to me if I got him in any trouble he and his friends would "roll my fat ugly ass" down a nearby hill. I stayed put and did not defend myself. Another thing that happened was Josh. Josh was this boy who I had a crush on in the fifth grade. I do not know how I got so bold that I stepped up to him, but I did. I told him I had feelings for him and...

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