Review: False Security by Morgan Blaze

Review: False Security by Morgan Blaze

November 20, 2015

False Security (Morgan Blaze)
Rating: 3.4 of 5

False Security unfolds the romance between Wynn, a pastry shop owner based in Indigo Valley,
and Foster, a bodyguard working for Vegas Securities. It is also packed with lots of suspense and

Wynn is smart and hard-working, but very unlucky. I really feel bad that she cannot find
happiness in love, family and work. Not to mention her trust issues. I was intrigued as to how she
will embrace romance when it finally comes her way. During the first half, I felt like, for someone
who hates liars, her trust can easily be turned on and off. But maybe, Wynn is just inherently
understanding and kind-hearted. (3/5)

Foster is very sweet and endearing. No doubt, he has the mind and the heart of a good
bodyguard. However, he tends to be impulsive and quick-tempered, and this naturally invites
trouble. Also, he built a wall to avoid being close to his new principal, but it easily crumbles as he
got to know Wynn better. He is just too cute! (4/5)

False Security was the first novel I read with two first person POVs. It felt weird having to switch
POVs every other chapter. Personally, I think it could still be as effective, and even more fluid, if it
was written in third person omniscient. Their dialogues and actions were clearly written. I felt like I
was there, watching their every movement and hearing them talk with each other. However, I felt
their descriptions were lacking. Wynn is beautiful. Foster is sexy. But I could not get a clear picture
of how they actually look like. (3/5)

I was not able to solve the mystery correctly, which is a good point. There were two revelations.
The first was okay, but I was dumbstruck by the last. It was too crazy for my liking. (3/5)

Will Wynn and Foster get their HEA? I was impressed by how their story was wrapped up. Great
job, Ms. Blaze! (4/5)

Read False Security if:
- you love bodyguards
- you love suspense / action
- you...

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