Review of Leadership Development Program

Review of Leadership Development Program

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Executive Summary

This report aims to present the findings of a full review of a core program as part of the Leadership Development Programme in the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) of the Ministry of Interior Affairs. The name of the program is called “Learning To Lead” and is conducted for all line supervisors and managers in the various business units of the organisation. The review on the program is for the period of January 2010 to January 2011. A total of 145 participants completed the program, representing almost 55% of all eligible officers.

The review was carried out by the Leadership Development Team (LDT) of the Learning and Development Section (L&D) of the Human Capital and Resource Management Department of CTU. The team is the owner of this program. The purpose of the review is to look at the effectiveness of the Training Design and Evaluation of the program and to submit findings on current situation and make recommendations to improve on the program for the next batch of line supervisors and managers participating in the program in June 2011.

The main findings of the review revealed evidence of sound steps taken to ensure the design of the program matches the learning needs of the participants and the organisation, while at the same time found areas area for improvements in evaluating the effectiveness of the program and to encourage further transfer of learning upon completion of the program. Recommendations made include higher order of training evaluation processes that could take place and possible areas of business partnership with the various stakeholders of the program such as the Heads of the business units in ensuring better transfer of learning through opportunities for application and continuous learning.

This report will be put up for endorsement by the CTU Senior Management Committee (SMC) at the quarterly meeting in March 2011. An addendum to this report with the details of the endorsement of the findings and recommendations...

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