Review of Marketing Plan

Review of Marketing Plan

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Review of Marketing Plan

Report #1: Industry/Company Review

A description of the industry in which your product competes, its size, growth, current trends and developments, and any key factors necessary for an understanding of the setting. Also, a snapshot of your company, including a very brief history, the firm's development to its present status, product lines, sales history, target markets, current marketing mix, and other factors making the company what it is today.

Report #2: Product Review/Buyer Analysis

A description of the product or service that is the focus of your campaign plan. Emphasis should be on the product's sales history, market share, strengths, weaknesses, key benefits, brand image, and other factors important for an understanding of the product's or service's performance and place among its category competitors. In addition, there should be identification of the various market segments and the user profile for the product, as well as a description of the consumer decision process for the product and the important factors influencing brand selection. Who buys the product or service? Who is the decider? The influencer? What are the demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioristic factors that influence the buying decision? Is buying behavior characterized by extended or limited problem solving? Is the product/brand a high-involvement or low-involvement purchase? In short, what are the key factors that influence buyer behavior for this product or service?

Promotional Program Situation Analysis

Report #3: Competitive Review
Identification of the important direct and indirect competitors for the product. For each competitor, focus should be on factors such as sales, market share, growth, key benefits, positioning, advertising and promotion budget, promotion program mix, message and media strategies, and an overall assessment of strengths and weaknesses.

Report #4: Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning
Which of...

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