Review Script

Review Script

How can you stand it??

How can you stand it??
You coat yourself and remain so hardened to me.
Your fake pristine layers
Spurning conversation to hang
With those who look like you
In a shell ..contained
Willing only to spend time with
Those who feel like you do
Damn you..please..I know you are sweet inside.

How can you stand it?
Sequestered’ve confined yourself
In your plastic world
You hardly see the light of day.
So one by one those ‘friends’ of yours
They leave..disappearing when it seems you need their company most
Yes..I know the feeling.
Losing those who can add to your life
Gone are those boosters..your extra sustenance…your compadres
Do all your friendships have expiration dates??

And now you wish us to converse
Well at least you’ve given ME leave
to open MY mouth.
Yet you stay..So still..SOo Quiet
But You bend my will
Though sometimes I am unwilling
Even forgetting to commit to us
Then comes your suggestive yet subtle sways
And I find myself gently popping you in till..
My mouth caresses you like an Easter jelly bean
The moisture of my mouth begins to melt your skin.
The rough hide of my tongue unwraps your sweet delicacy
The smooth tip traces abc’s along your curvy lines
Slowly the wetness dissolves your protection
Release for me..let me wither that coat that surrounds your essence
Let my tongue intrude.

Now you unravel
Breaking down into minute particles
You are losing yourself
And cannot regain
I triumph

my dear Flintstones Vitamin tablet.

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