Revised School Code

Revised School Code

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“The Revised School Code”

This paper is in reference to House Bill 6507 which would amend 1976 PA 451, entitled “ the revised school code”, by amending section 1280 (MCL 380.1280), as amended by 2006 PA 123. Also this paper will speak to House Bills 4787 – 4789, which focuses on failing schools.

The Tenth Amendment edict states that the powers not delegated by the Constitution to the federal government are reserved to the states. This means the primary decision making for education is left to each state. State legislatures and state’s department of education work collaboratively on state policy and resource allocation issues. State legislators work on topics such as educators salaries, health and retirement benefits, equalizing funding among districts, bonds for school construction funds and teacher licensure procedures to name a few. The more complex decisions are proposed and implemented by a chief state education officer; in Michigan that person is State Superintendent Mike Flanagan.

State Rep. Tim Melton, D- Auburn Hills introduced House Bill 6705 November 19th 2008. This House Bill deals with the restructuring of public schools. (Michign Education Association , 2008) The changes it proposes to the School Code would apply to school buildings that are not accredited for four years or that do not make AYP (adequate yearly progress) in both reading and math for at least for years. At the end of four years, the local board of education may enter a contract with an outside organization to administer the school. If the local board does not do so, after five years not making AYP, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction shall enter a contract with such an organization to administer the school for five years (Michign Education Association , 2008). The State Superintendent at the point of noncompliance would have to develop a list of approved organizations based on criteria that shows a track record of managing schools in a manner that...

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