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As we all know that day to day changes are coming in the market. And for that competition is increasing very fast. Therefore to get a job is being very hard. But to make it easy not only communication plays an important role but EFFECTIVE COMMUCATION plays a very important role.

After showing this video I learn that how much communication is important for us in the business world and what miner mistakes we do during the communication which creates a wrong impression in front of other and even we actually do not about it. And the main thing is the person does mistakes mostly when he/she not clears about that subject or mail.

In business email are very important so before write the email person has to think twice and then they have to right in a simple language so that reader can understand. The main thing which is important that when email has to be write at that time writer has to keep in mind the reader that how reader can understand the email easily.

Therefore email has to be neat and clean and also in a accurate way because some time people make it in a wrong sense and which create problems. Before saw this video I also think that email is not much important but after watching it I realize that how much mistake I done in sending email.

So, after watching this video I learn many things about effective business communication which definitely being useful in my future.

Review of Article

Social media is a very large concept and if company wants to focus on social media then they have to make passions because it takes lots of time for the success it.

Before some years this concept is not much work but in 3 to 4 years the social networking is being more powerful and popular. So in this business also big companies are involved like ford etc. and it is being more exciting that how the all big companies are survive and create much more in the social media.

Because of social media the employment opportunities are also...

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