External Factors Analysis


1- “Strategically organized advertising for each of the products elaborated”
The firm has always managed to keep its image through popular advertisements from the beginning starting from news paper, radio and with the evolution of technology the TV and now the internet have always been the best choice and advantage when it comes to promote and let the world know its new and innovated products; even though there have been though times in the industry and each company, Revlon Inc. is characterized for being one of the most revealing sensations to its products always bringing a fresh image by using mostly the media and its components, songs, events, actresses; all of these helping the company to be recognized and have category among the industry. So advertisement is a powerful tool always been used by the company with excellent results regardless the current good or bad shape of the company at the time.

2- “Invention of new products allows the firm to get market strength and make new consumers”
With a satisfied leadership among the firm, Revlon is always being versatile when it comes to new products elaboration. In an effort to maximize sales in each category, they always look for new options to impact in the market studying what is more convenient at the time and what would actually work for them. Currently offering chain drug store

operators an Age Defying Makeupd other mass market retailers its expertise, strengthening established brands such as Age Defying Makeup now being restaged as Age Defying with Botafirm is an example of how they play around with products giving them a total new image and enhanced results. These sorts of elements help the company to be equilibrated.

3- “Use natural products being previously tested in plants to give assertive results to consumers”
In the industry, the market faces competition races that are always tough to win from firm to firm, so each company is always in...

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