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Outline a rewards program you believe would be especially effective at your current (or future) place of work. Provide evidence that supports that your program would likely be effective (successful).

Where I work, the State of New Jersey, we cannot use money has an incentive. The reward program will have to be designed using an Informal Reward Program. The department that I work for work 24 hours a day seven days a week. The rewards that I will be using will be recognition and selecting preferred days off.

The first step in the program will be setting a goal. We get a yearly inspection and the goal would be to pass the inspection, especially the areas that we did not do well last year. To reach this goal, we will make sure that all employee receive re-training to make sure that know what is expected of them. For a goal to be obtainable you have to have the skills and I want to make sure all the staff has the skills and knowledge they need.

After all the retraining is completed we will start a program called “Caught You Doing a GREAT Job”. When someone, from a select group of staff, sees you doing you job correctly, they would give you a coupon. At the end of the month one coupon would be selected and that person would be the “Employee Caught Doing a Great Job of the Month.” This would entire them the change their days off for 1 week for the next month. Where I work, weekend off is not the norm.

One month prior to the inspection, we would do a mock inspection on each unit. Every unit that passed with a 100% would get their picture in the company newspaper and a certificate. All other units that pass would get a certificate. We would still be doing “Caught You Doing a GREAT Job” program.

After the yearly inspection, there would be a pot-luck lunch where it would be announced who passed the inspection. Any units with 100% would get to select a holiday they would like to have off. They would have to submit a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice,...

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