rezidor group

rezidor group

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Financial Performance Evaluation of Rezidor Hotel Group

Sakina Boulal

Glion Institute of Higher Education

February 22, 2015

Executive Summary

This report aim to analyze the financial performance valuation of the Rezidor Hotel Group for the last three years, based on the financial reports publically listed in the website of the group, and recommendations to improve the EBITDA margin target of the group.
Rezidor Hotel Group (RHG) is one of the fast growing companies in the hospitality and tourism industry, started with one hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark to invade the global market with 1319 hotels covering 81 countries.
The RHG first listed in Stockholm stock exchange was in 2006, followed with loss and financial difficulties due to global crucial economy from the 9/11 and the epidemic SARS which resulted the announcement of the “route 2015” to improve the profitable asset-light growth strategy by reaching the margin target of the EIBTDA ‘s group of 12% by 2015.

Table Of Content

Executive Summary 2
Background 4
Rezidor Business Plan 4/5
Financial Performance of Last Three Years 5/6/7
Analysis of Statements 7/8
Recommendations 8
Conclusion 8
References 8


The legendary Royal Copenhagen Hotel in Denmark created with Arne Jacobsen in 1960s by SAS airlines as a luxury accommodation with the unique and innovative designs and architecture, this success has opened the way to the beginning of a collection of properties with a style to define the Rezidor Hotel group’s brand, the supersized aquarium at the lobby of the Radisson Blu Berlin, the circular glass façade of the Radisson Blu, Frankfurt with the perfection of...

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