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The visit that
ushers in a
new era for
the Americas
MARCH 19TH– 25TH 2016

Hollow superpower
Putin, Syria and the propaganda machine

Scientists at CERN in search of The God Particle

Decades of patient investment,
for a moment of divine clarity

Focus Persevere Breakthrough

The Economist March 19th 2016 3

7 The world this week
11 Russian foreign policy
A hollow superpower
12 Barack Obama visits Cuba
14 The primaries
What now?
14 Britain’s budget
The fiddler’s charter
16 Pandemics
An ounce of prevention
On the cover
Don’t be fooled by Syria.
Vladimir Putin’s foreign
policy is born of weakness
and made for television:
leader, page 11. Mr Putin’s
willingness and ability to act
overseas gives him a big
boost at home, pages 21-23

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18 On Brexit, concussion,
online dating, language
21 Russia’s wars
A strategy of spectacle
United States
25 Super Tuesday III
Beware the ides of March
26 They could have stopped
How non-voters blew it
27 The Supreme Court
Going nowhere fast
27 The campaigns
Heard on the trail
30 Indiana’s refugee order
Exodus, continued
30 Refugees in New Jersey
The green light
32 Exit Marco Rubio
Marcomento mori
34 Lexington
The view from the rustbelt

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