Rhetoric and Stereotype Essay

Rhetoric and Stereotype Essay

Life and Times of

Nicole E Mills
PSY 202
Dr. Carole
October 3, 2008

Life and Times of Nicole Mills
Making the decision to go back to college was a long process. I have always been enthusiastic about learning. I went to a two year college and got my associate degree in criminal justice. After getting my associates degree my plans was to attend a four year university. As many of us know things we plan don’t always happens. After I left school the first time I found it very hard to go back. In this paper I’m doing to give you a brief lay out of my life.
My childhood started July 25, 1982 in Atlanta Georgia at Grady Memorial Hospital. We lived in Fulton County in a city name East point. My mother rented a two bedroom apartment for us to live in. It was not a big and fancy place but it was home. After I was five year old we moved to a small town name Blackville in South Carolina, where most of my family resided.
We were a very close family at that time. I remember my mother working very hard and a lot of over time to provide for us. She worked many hours in a plant on the assembly line so we could have a place to stay and food on the table. She tried her best to give us some of the things we wanted. She was a single parent who worked very hard to provide for my brother and me.
Our father was absence in our lives but it didn’t matter because my mother did a very good job. I loved the fact that I was the baby of the family. My brother is seven years older then me. We got along some of the time but most of the time we were fighting. I knew he didn’t like me in his room when he was not home but I would go in there anyway.

I use to listen to him talking to his friends on the phone about cutting school and I would go tell my mother on him. My brother got mad at me a lot because I use to tell on him all the time. Even though I would tell on him he was very over protective of me. I knew all I had to do was go tell him if...

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