Rhetorical Analysis of Roosevelt's Address

Rhetorical Analysis of Roosevelt's Address

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Advertising is a key part of our society today. Anywhere where you go it can be seen on a billboard, television , buses , radio stations etc. Many of the major television networks and radio stations depend on the revenues generated by these ads, with that said there has always been a debate on whether advertising is an abuse of free speech or is it just unethical. The purpose of this essay is to give factual evidence on that it is not an abuse of free speech but rather it is just unethical.

Many people would argue that advertising is not an abuse of free speech because it is protected by the First Amendment which declare that “Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech or of the press…” advertising is a form of expression and it is under their rights to express it in the form of an ad. In my opinion advertising is just unethical , Professor Brown in his book Mass Media states that :

Many people argue that advertising is harmful to society. Some contend that advertising promotes consumerism and materialism by suggesting –either directly or indirectly – that the acquisition of material objects such as a new car or dishwasher can provide meaning and happiness to people’s lives. Critics insist that the messages of advertisers are manipulative, encouraging people to purchase products they do not really need simply to increase the profits of corporation’s

The most common problem people have with advertising is that it gives them a sense of security in a materialistic object. Which would initially only last them maybe a year or two. In short, advertising in a capitalist country is not just a part of the cultural or economic system--but it is a source of information about products you might need-- but its engine , its driving force (Mass Media 61).

Advertisings in a way have a way of makings us feel insecure and in need of whatever the advertising can sell to us and the main purpose of advertisers is to create and exploit these...

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