Rice bran oil press preparation process

Rice bran oil press preparation process

Rice bran oil press preparation process

Rice bran is a byproduct of the process, rice bran containing 5%, obtained by the process of rice bran by-product, or by leaching compression method for preparation of oil, also known as a rice bran oil, an oil content of 16% rice bran

oil is an unsaturated plant oils high fatty acid content, higher nutritional value, rich in linoleic acid, often used to reduce

cholesterol in the body, help prevent cardiovascular disease, so the press rice bran oil market is Canton, however, rice bran oil

press everyone to understand how the process of preparing it, FRIST Xiao Bian below for your brief.

Preparation of rice bran oil press, oil extraction using a screw mechanism to take rice bran oil pressing machine method.

1, screening, broken rice and rice bran oil contains impurities, broken rice contains a lot of starch, if not removed, when pressed

affect oil yield;

2, mixed with shells, the incorporation of a small amount of rice bran shell, increase the hardness of the embryo;

3, add water, steamed embryos for easy on gas, water should be appropriate;

4, evaporated embryos, embryos for the purpose of steaming rice bran crude fibers are softened, coagulation of proteins, cell rupture,

condensed oil droplets into larger droplets so easy to squeeze.

5, fried embryo, the embryo is the role of speculation to reduce moisture in the material embryo, which will help the oil;

6, the press, when the press needs to have adequate temperature, the temperature should be maintained at 80-90 ℃;

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