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Facility | : | (comprising of Term Loan (TL) 1 Term Loan(TL) 2 |
Financier | : | |
Borrower | : | |
Purchaser | : | |
Guarantor(s) | : | |
Properties | : | 1) One unit of 4-Storey 2) One unit of 3-Storey |
Developer | : | |
Proprietor | : | |

We enclose herewith the following documents duly executed by the Borrower by way of affixation of Common Seal and attested by their existing two Directors and confirm that the Bank’s pre-printed documents have been used and that they are in order for the Bank’s execution:-

1) 3 copies of Facility Agreement
2) 4 copies of Charge and its Annexure each for TL 1 & TL2
3) Entry of Private Caveat (Form 19B)

Other documents enclosed
We also enclose the following documents to facility your execution:
1. One copy each of the Completed Form 34 - for the above Properties respectively;
2. One copy of the Letter of Guarantee - for the total facility amount of

Kindly let us have the following:
1. your letter of undertaking addressed to the Developer, of as requested in our letter dated for our onwards transmission.
Your consent and no objection letter as the caveator to enable us to present the Memorandum of Transfer and Charge for registation

We confirm that the documents have been property executed and witnessed and that we have explained the contents of the security documents to the Purchaser/Borrower and Guarantors who have acknowledged that they fully understand the contents of the security documents and their rights and liabilities under the documents.

Please find enclosed the following for your reference:
1. A copy each of the land search dated & respectively;
2. A copy each of the blanket consent to transfer dated &...

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