Riordan Manufacturing's Process Evaluation

Riordan Manufacturing's Process Evaluation

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Running Head: Process Evaluation

Riordan Manufacturing’s Process Evaluation

Consulting Team

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Riordan Manufacturing’s Process Evaluation

Executive Summary

Dr. Michael Riordan, a professor of chemistry, founded Riordan Manufacturing, Inc in 1991. Dr. Michael Riordan is the president and chief executive officer of the manufacturing business. The company, originally known as Riordan Plastics, is headquartered in San Jose, California. In 1992, Riordan Plastics became Riordan Manufacturing, Inc when Dr. Riordan purchased a plant in Pontiac, MI. The Pontiac Michigan plant manufactured fans. Soon after the Pontiac, MI purchase, Dr. Riordan purchased a plastic beverage container manufacturing plant in Albany Georgia. In the year 2000 the fan operation moved from the Michigan plant to a plant that would create a Joint-Venture located in China. The Michigan Plant was retooled to manufacture customized plastic parts.

Riordan Manufacturing, Inc serves about 20 major customers and 12 minor customers. Their customers consist of automobile part manufacturers, air craft manufacturers, The Department of Defense, beverage maker and bottling companies, and appliance manufacturers. Riordan supplies their customers with products such as fans, plastic bottles, heart valves, medical stents, and customized plastic parts.

Riordan Manufacturing, Inc is considered a leader in the plastic injection molding industry. They make innovated plastic designs from state-of-the-art-technology. Riordan is also known for its hallmarks such as attention to detail, extreme precision, and enthusiastic quality control. Mr. Hugh McCauley, the Chief Operating Officer has asked several consulting teams to make recommendations for maximizing the use of a computer system to improve Riordan’s inventory and manufacturing processes. Mr. McCauley would like the recommendations provide to the IT department by April 14th.

Our consulting team...

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