Riordan Manufacturing Gap Analysis

Riordan Manufacturing Gap Analysis

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Gap Analysis: Riordan Manufacturing
Dennise Cruickshank
Willie C. Jackson
Anthony Jordan
University of Phoenix

Gap Analysis: Riordan Manufacturing
Employee motivation is an issue that does not discriminate. The morale of employees and what motivates them are often the keys to success. A motivated employee determines if a company will be able to retain market share and build customer loyalty.
Riordan manufacturing has a lot at stake. They would like to increase sales and market share to remain a industry leader. As a Global company with sales in excess of $46 million and revenues in excess of $1 billion, they also have to retain their ISO9000 status. Currently the situation at Riordan manufacturing is they have issues that are both real and perceived with its employees. Management is highly concerned and has communicated their concerns to the CEO, Mike Riordan. They warn that if they do not act fast they will risk losing key employees. Employees in IT are reporting that have been contacted by headhunters.

Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity Identification
Riordan is a successful family-owned company that employees over 550 people with varying backgrounds and experiences, and believes in treating their employees fair. Like most companies they recognize a change in the market and have to make the proper adjustments to maintain their edge within the market. With this in mind, Riordan has made some changes within its Sales Department. They adopted a sales team approach instead of the individual salesman to better meet the needs of the client. However, they did not address the issue of compensation. Compensation refers to all forms of financial returns, tangible services, and benefits employees receive as part of an employment relationship (Milkovich & Newman, 2005, p.6). The individual salesman is concerned that the team approach will affect their bonuses. On the other hand,...

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