Riordan Manufacturing: Risk Management

Riordan Manufacturing: Risk Management

Running head: Risk Management

Riordan Manufacturing: Risk Management

Hue Miner

CJA/570 Cyber Crime & Information Systems Security

John Kane

May 9, 2011


This paper is a follow up to Riordan Manufacturing information systems. All information is based on the actual company’s systems.

Risk Management, Riordan Manufacturing

Implementing an effective network security system is essential in the safety of any business. Riordan Manufacturing has multiple locations with many employees, therefore maintaining a safe network can be difficult. The difficulties can derive from many things such as viruses, hackers and miscommunication between work sites. The locations of the company are Pontiac, Michigan, Albany, Georgia, and Hung Zhou, China. Having a location in another country can be complicated because there are communication barriers. The business practices may also be different based on the cultural differences. The company must ensure that the technology of the country is compatible with the network it uses. It must also ensure that any techniques used to prevent system malfunctions are in compliance with company protocol. Many of the problems global companies face are from unsecure networks. When data is transferred over long distances, it becomes more open to attacks. Riordan uses WAN (wide area network) and LAN (local area networks) connections. The connections between each location must remain available. If one work site has a problem with its system, other locations will not be able to receive valuable information for a productive workflow. This will slow down the productivity of the company. Satellite connection is one way systems communicate with each other. Satellites can be an advantage in areas where other forms of internet connection are not available. Some problems that companies that use satellites face is that the connection can become erratic or have black outs. This can cause a loss of the flow of information between...

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