Ripcurl Pro Target Market

Ripcurl Pro Target Market

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Target Market
The Rip Curl Pro has a wide ranged target market. Rip Curl aims in promoting the event to all ages and does not have a set age group that we target. Therefore the target market for this event is all ages in which we aim to promote and meet the needs of. At Rip Curl we thrive on making the event enjoyable for everyone of all ages and meeting there needs and expectations. This target market matches your market as you to are providing a service to the whole aged population and not just a certain target group. By sponsoring the rip curl pro you will receive exposure to our spectators of all ages which has the potential to expand sales and consumer awareness of your brand.

This event also targets international tourists from around the globe. As our event is internationally renowned and known we target the international population to come to our event. In the previous year we had 1033 international visitors come to the pro therefore we make it a priority to target the international tourists to meet there wants and needs. International tourists may not no your brand and company Qantas. This area of target market has the potential to expand your target market as international tourists may not be aware of the Qantas airline that it is an Australian but also an international airline. By sponsoring our brand this will exposure Qantas to the international tourists target market which may also expand your international target market. This has potential to increase the sales of your company and provide further exposure of Qantas outside the country of Australia

As surfing and music are the main components of our festival we strongly target those with these interest. These are the people that we want to be coming back each year to our festival because of what it holds. This group of consumers come from the local community, Victoria, interstate and also internationally. We strongly focus on meeting the wants and needs of these consumers because they have a...

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