Rise of Autism

Rise of Autism

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The Rise of Autism in America

An absolutely huge underestimated danger that we as a society are facing today is

the rapid rise of Autism among the children in America. There is no known cause for

the growing number of people affected by it, but there are many investigations and

theories as to why this is happening. According to USA Today, about 1 in every 150

children are autistic or have autistic related disorders.

Autism is a brain development disorder that makes a child have little to no social

interaction or communication skills. Often, a child with autisms behavior will be very

repetitive and restricted. Diagnosis could be within the first two years of a child’s life

because mostly the symptoms are very plain to see. According to Dr. Stanley J.

Swierzewski, “Infants with the disorder often display abnormal reactions to sensory

stimuli, touches may be experienced as painful, smells may be overwhelmingly

unpleasant, and ordinary daily noises may be painful. Loud noises and bright lights may
cause inconsolable crying.” In young children: “Young children with autism usually have
impaired language development. They often have difficulty expressing needs and may
laugh, cry, or show distress for unknown reasons. Some autistic patients develop
rudimentary language skills that do not serve as an effective form of communication.
They may develop abnormal patterns of speech that lack intonation and expression and
may repeat words or phrases repetitively. Some children with autism learn to read.
Autistic children do not express interest in other people and often prefer to be alone. They
may resist changes in their routine, repeat actions over and over, and engage in self-
injurious behavior.” (Swierzewski.)

But here’s the ultimate question: What is the cause for this disorder and why is it

affecting children at such a high paced rate? Unfortunately, there is no answer to that

question. Doctors and...

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