Rise of English as a Lingua Franca

Rise of English as a Lingua Franca

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It cannot be denied that the influence of the United States of America on the world scene since the 19th century is a major factor on the way the English Language has become so hugely prominent on a global scale. It would be ridiculous to believe otherwise....a huge country gazillions times larger in size than the original home and birthplace of the Language and with a population some six or seven times greater.

Basically the two varieties of the Language (BE and AE) are the same for the most part they have diverged in certain ways much like the regional dialects have always done within individual countries in which English is the official tongue.

However, it also cannot be denied that the spread of the British Empire between the 16th and 19th centuries (using that period as a core) went a long way to globalise the Language in quite a big way.

The development of globalisation generally (from the medium we are all using now on this Forum to the use of English as the standadr means of communication in aviation, as just an example) is probably the main reason why our Language is now pretty much the planet's Lingua Franca, and wow! - doesn't that make life easier for those of us who use only English in our daily lives, even at the expense of making us appear lazy with regard to the learning of other Languages.

Sadly, the study of foreign Languages in the curriculum of many UK schools has declined quite noticeably in recent years, a fact which can only be regretted - especially as the UK is now part of an economic and cultural body made up of many other countries speaking a wide range of different Languages. The fact that English is now the "official" means of pan-EU communication is probaby the reason for this.

Yes, as I've said before in here, French was the official Language of the Court and in legal circlles in the Middle Ages in this country. It was the main Language spoken by our beoved and late lamented Mary, Queen of Scots, cruelly murdered by...

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