Rise Your Life to a New Height

Rise Your Life to a New Height

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​​Sneakers are comfortable, yet it’s hard to reflect female sensuousness; Flats are light, yet it can make you look idle; Leather shoes are demure, yet it can’t bring out the unique beauty of a woman. In numerous models of shoes, only heels which is essential in a woman’s shoe cabinet are elegant and fabulous, as if it’s born to support every women’s beautiful career. That’s why I always have a high intensity of support for the idea that every woman should own at least one pair of heels.

​​One of the reasons why heels are one of the most significant accessories in a female’s overall modeling is that it can easily effects your dressing style and make your look fashionable. The heels’ height is a masterwork which makes time lingers, for it accentuates your leg length. Thus, wearing heels visually indicate people that you are tall and perfectly proportioned. In the other hand, women will naturally put positive body, accepts stomach and sticks out chest escalators a hip to go the most graceful posture standing and walking. A recent survey on the job site Saramin showed that over 84.2% out of 273 HR supervisor said their decision of hiring employee will strongly effected by the candidate’s appearance, while another 57% of them said they had hired employees because of their physical attractiveness despite they indeed had defects in their resume.

​​Besides, the positive psychological impacts that heels can effect on a woman is also a main idea for the reason why woman should own a heel. When the summer comes, those charming and colorful heels on the streets must be extremely eye-catching. Undoubtedly, it’s a comfort and satisfaction for the women who wearing them. As Tamara Mellon, the president of Jimmy Choo said, “I feel so empowered when I put on a pair of heels.” Therefore, except other convincing reasons to explain the significance of heels for women, the major cause is that wearing a heels can bring a strong confidence to women like never before....

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