Rising Divorce Rate in Korea

Rising Divorce Rate in Korea

Rising Divorce rate in Korea
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Name: Seoh, Julia
Class: #11
Due date: Jan. 18, 2011
Teacher: Daryl Bergman

Rising Divorce rate in Korea

Ⅰ. Introduction

Thesis statement: There are several main causes that many married couples get divorced in Korea; a lack of communication, differences in values, and abuses.

Ⅱ. Body

1. Causes

A. Changed women’s role
* Increase the women who get a job
- Destruction of patriarchal system

B. Stress in modern living
* Economical problem
* personality
* abuse

C. lack of communication
* individualism
* weak family bond

Ⅲ. Transition paragraph
Also, these three causes of divorce have an influence on divorced people, children, and even in whole society. (Using news articles)

1. Effects

A. Positive effect
* Establish their independence again
* Retrieve better quality of life
* Recovery of personal relations
* Reduce of economical burden
B. negative effect
* Violence, (using statistics), lack of socialization
* Poor educational achievement : low grade and adaptability, dropouts,
* Mental problem: psychological, behavioral problems
* It caused lack of love from parents and families

Ⅳ. Conclusion

To sum up, divorce has become a sort of an epidemic in today’s society and poses a big threat to it. Rising divorce rate is a serious problem in Korea in recent days. The cause and effect of divorce can go to such an extent that it might leave a permanent scar on the mind of the children which might last forever, forcing the child to indulge in violent crimes. Researchers have shown that children from divorced families mostly resort to robbery, and drug abuse.
The first cause is that changing women’s role in the present society. Differently with former days, now, the women can get a more opportunity to get a job

Rising Divorce rate in Korea

Nowadays, According to...

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