Risk Assessment on Current Accounting Issues

Risk Assessment on Current Accounting Issues

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Current Accounting Issues

Risk Assessment in Listed Companies

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Chapter 1. Introduction 3
1.1. Back Ground of the study 3
1.2. Statement of the Problem 3
1.3. Definition 4
1.4. Hypothesis of the study 4
1.5. Significance of the study 4
1.6. Scope and Limitations 5
Chapter 2. Literature Review 6
2.1. Foreign Literatures 6
2.1.1. 1st Review 6
2.1.2. 2nd Review 6
2.1.3. 3rd Review 7
2.1.4. 4th Review 8
2.1.5. 5th Review 9
2.1.6. 6th Review 9
2.1.7. 7th Review 10
2.1.8. 8th Review 11
Chapter 3. Methodology 12
Chapter 4. Results & Discussion 13
Chapter 5. Conclusion 17
Chapter 6. Recommendation 19
Reference... 20
Appendices 21
Appendix A 21
Appendix B 28
Appendix C 29

Chapter 1. Introduction
Risk assessment is an important exercise for any company and particularly for a listed company where the equity has been raised from the public and the financial accountability becomes paramount.
1.1. Back Ground of the study
For a listed company, the money was raised from financial markets, hence mitigation of risk management is necessary. With the current scams and scandals hitting the markets especially in listed company it is very imperative to do risk assessment of the listed companies. This study will help in assessing what are the risk factors that are associated with listed companies.
1.2. Statement of the Problem
In this paper, we are going to highlight the process of auditors risk assessment in listed companies. Listed companies are prone to various challenges that they face at each of the steps. The process is mainly of four steps:
* Compliance with the rules and regulations of the authority
* Accounting standards,
* Risks from uncertainty in financial markets
* project failures
* legal liabilities
* Credit risk
* Accidents or natural causes and disasters

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