Risk Management Analysis of Welding Company

Risk Management Analysis of Welding Company

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Business Risk Management
Group Risk Paper
Hannah, Nicoletta, Jason, and Katie
November 26, 2007

Mobile Weld Inc.

Mobile Weld Inc. is owned and operated by Peter Watzek. What started out as a small venture in 1998 quickly grew to be a large company. Mobile Weld Inc. started in a small work shop in Monroe, Louisiana. In 2004, he acquired a much larger shop in Bastrop, Louisiana. Our connection with this firm is through Jason Perkins. He worked for Peter for 2 years. Mobile Weld’s philosophy is, “No job is too big or too small…just too dangerous”. The business consists of welding anything from oil rigs, apartment buildings, hotels, commercial kitchens, and utility trailers. Currently He employs five welders. He conducts weekly safety meetings to go over up-coming jobs and be sure everyone is up to date on all safety regulations. Mr. Watzek’s current insurance limits are as follows: Worker’s compensation-$500,000, Property- $700,000, Liability- $2,000,000, Auto- 5,000,000.

The most common liability risk in this business is welding. Welding is a combination of electricity and gas used to fuse metal surfaces together. The welding process has many inherent risks. Welders face fume and gas inhalation, eye injuries, and burns.
Fume and Gas Inhalation: Fumes are solid particles that originate from welding metal and any coatings that cover the metal. Gases are produced from the welding process.
In the short term the potential size of the loss is the cost of an emergency room visit. The effects are nausea, dizziness and headaches. However, for someone who chooses to make a career out of welding the potential size of the loss is indescribable. The effects of overexposure to welding are severe respiratory complications and central nervous system impairment. There are ways to control any and all...

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