risk management

risk management

Managing Risk in Drilling Operations

Chevron has extensive processes and procedures in place to manage and evaluate the risks of oil and gas production. We are committed to advancing safe drilling operations through our well design process, and proposed changes in well design or construction are managed with a structured change-management process.

Rigorous in-house training for our drilling personnel includes a comprehensive five-day global well-control training program. We require that all drilling personnel have current industry-recognized certification. Certifications cover procedures to manage unusual circumstances and the means to verify that contractors involved in drilling wells possess the skills necessary to execute well control.

We apply our drilling processes, well-control contingency plans and risk management plans across our global operations. Chevron is the only company within the industry to have an in-house team dedicated solely to understanding blowout preventers and subsea well interventions. The team also ensures drilling contractors and equipment manufacturers deliver fully compliant and reliable systems. We operate our own well-control school. Drilling specialists oversee every major well. We constantly partner with suppliers to improve equipment quality. And we have the only operator-owned cement lab in North America.

Managing Risk in Manufacturing

Refining petroleum involves a complex network that operates around the clock to produce millions of barrels of energy every day. To ensure the safe and reliable operation of our facilities, Chevron places the highest priority on personal and process safety at our refineries at all times. We have rigorous programs in place to identify, manage and reduce risk, including frequent, routine equipment inspections, system and process hazard identification evaluations and extensive personnel training.

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