Risk week 3 quiz

Risk week 3 quiz

Week 3 Quiz

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General Instructions:

1. This is a closed-book, closed-notes quiz. No reference material (including
assignments and labs) will be permitted for use during the quiz session.
2. The quiz contains the following types of questions:
Short essay type
3. Please use the separate answer sheet provided to you for marking your answers.
4. Each question is worth two points.

Quiz Questions
1. Define an SLA and state why it is required in a risk adverse organization.

Service level agreement basically gives the baseline of service performance. It’s a document created as a contractual agreement between the provider and the customer.

2. Using the user domain, define risks associated with users and explain what can be done to mitigate them.

Unauthorized electronics accessing confidential files- use group policy to block external media
Unauthorized access to secure room- use locks that respond to RFID badges and give rights to certain users

3. Using the workstation domain, define risks associated within that domain and explain what can be done to reduce risks in that domain.
Virus/malware- use antivirus software
Unauthorized access to network share- implement active directory rights
Unauthorized program installation- use an application whitelisting software

4. List four compliance laws or regulations or mandates, and explain them.
CIPA -a regulation that applies to any school or library that receives funding from the U.S. E-Rate program

SOX- basically protects people from falsified stock gains from publically traded companies.

HIPAA- Protects people’s privacy when it comes to health information such as x-rays, patient care, etc.

PCI DSS- a regulation that was made by card companies that applies to...

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