Rm Indepth Interview

Rm Indepth Interview

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Name: Nguyen Thu Ha
Class: EBBA – 3B
Research Methodology
Second Assignment: Bullying in school
According to the National Center for Education Statistics, nearly a third of all students aged 12 - 18 reported having been bullied at school in 2007, some almost daily. A report in the Journal of the American Medical Association revealed that 30% of sixth to tenth grade children reported some involvement in bullying, with 13 % acting bullying, 10.6% being bullied and 6.3% both bullying and being bullied (Anderson et al., 2008). A common practice is to describe the prevalence of bullying as the percentage of children being bullied at school, in Australia a figure often given is about 15%. In Korea, according to statistics, nearly 13.2% student whose gender is boy and 5.8% students whose gender is girl aged 10 – 18 were hit by other classmates.
In Vietnam, a research was held by University of Social Sciences and Humanities in 2008 shows the result that 96.7% students answered that they witnessed violence in their schools with the regularity is 44.7% usually, 38% often and 17.3% not often.
Bullying in school now is not as open as it did in the past. However it becomes more dangerous. For deep understanding about this issue, we should learning about forms, reasons and responsible people of bullying in school. I have interviewed three students from different ages and cities, and have a resulting deduction about bullying in school nowadays.

1. Forms
“Physical violence”, said Nguyen Ngoc Dung. In specific, bullying in school includes many kinds: hitting each other, humor-spreading, threatening, and so on (said Vu Van Duy). To conclude, bullying is when someone intimidates or causes harm to another person on purpose. The victims of bullying can be verbally, physically or emotionally assaulted and are often threatened and made to feel frightened.

2. Reason
“Violence usually occur to children when there is a bully on the school -- the Bullies are kids with...

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